How to make the shoulders wider in the hall and at home


How to make the shoulders wider in the hall and at home

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How to make shoulders wider: in the gym and at home – TrainingBody

To increase the muscle mass, to pump up large shoulders, to create a relief on the hands, pull-ups are necessary. On the horizontal bar, which is in every home, you can achieve what you want. There are many basic exercises that testosterone undecanoate oral, if performed continuously, will help to pump the upper part of the body.

In tightening the body on this projectile involve almost all muscle groups. One of the main exercises for the trapezoid are tightening. They are available in two forms:

Pulling up to the chest area of ​​the body.

Pulling the head.

How to make the shoulders wider in the hall and at home

Hanging on the horizontal bar. Bend your back. Hands as wide as possible.

From Strength to Freedom

The lower limbs are crossed and bent at the knee joints.

To carry out tightening, to reduce shovels.

At the height, touch the crossbar with the upper point of the pectoral muscles.

Beefing the Traps: Mistakes and technique. By Vic Goyaram

The elbow joints are directed strictly down.

Technique pull up for the head

Starting position hang on the neck of the bar, spine and lower limbs straight.

At the top of the lift, the crossbar remains behind the head.

The elbows are looking at the floor.

Using these exercises at home, you can achieve results, subject to continuous training.

In the gym

How to make the shoulders wider in the gym, and which basic exercises are the most effective? This question does not leave novices for a minute. The main tasks for the brachial part are considered to be various ways of pressing.

Bench press from the starting position while standing.

Army bench press

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Lifting the rod from behind the head.

Arm Arnold standing and sitting.

Lifting dumbbells while standing.

To repeat the exercise, called exercises, you need ten times gradually increasing the severity. In such a performance, it is possible to get high results in power indicators, to increase the muscle mass of deltas.

Warm up before exercise is required. It is necessary to warm up all three beams of deltas, muscles of rotators of the shoulder section.

In the complex workout, you can include exercises with dumbbells:

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Divorce hands with shells to the sides.

Lifting dumbbells in front of the chest.

Lunges forward, arms up with dumbbells.

Do the proposed exercises with high quality and after a while you will enjoy the results.

Push-up pumping

With the help of push-ups, it is possible to achieve the goal. The classic exercise does not help here, it only increases the front deltas. To work out all the shoulder muscle groups, you need to correctly choose non-standard options for tasks.

Push up house. From a prone position, pull your legs forward until a triangle is formed. Put the foot on the toe. Put your palms on the floor in front of you.

At a slow pace, we descend to the starting position.

Walking on the upper limbs, push-ups in a rack against the wall are excellent exercises for creating wide shoulders.

You will be able to wring out from this position ten times, then you need to apply weighting.

The above exercises should be done every other day and must be combined with a diet to gain muscle mass.

Pushing up, putting his hands in front of him so that his thumbs are touching. Feet must be put together.

Muscles Worked by Push-ups

The back should not bend, at the lowest point of the hand pressed to the chest.

Drop down and up at a fast pace.

Keep control of the elbow joints, they should be directed back.

Many athletes claim that these exercises bring a very significant effect in increasing the mass of the shoulder part.

Is it possible to increase the shoulders of a guy

Usually the width of the shoulder part of the body shows the courage and strength of the guy. Ectomorphs dream of having big shoulders. And this is not surprising. The girl and her want to make them wider, what can we say about men. It is necessary not only to dream, for this you should make a lot of effort.

The first duty is to clearly define the desired weighting stanozolol dosage. Incorrectly chosen weight can cause injury. Conversely, well-chosen weighting will help to achieve excellent results. How to increase the width of the shoulders? Here it is necessary to do special exercises that will burden the shoulder muscle groups.

Main tasks:

Dumbbell bench press or barbell.

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Lifting the barbell to the chest. From the grip used depends on the development of trapezoids or deltas.

In doing these exercises, the question of shoulder width will be closed. It is very important to technically correctly perform every move. Proper execution of movements in the exercise.


Starting position is the main stand. Dumbbells in both hands grip the brushes to yourself. Hands down.

Take a deep breath. With exhalation, we begin to raise the shoulders to the top point to the auricles.

We make a delay and slowly return to the main position.

During the whole movement, the arms remain flat, only the shoulder joints move.

Gym Training Tips for Men and Women

Use different options for performing movements, gradually increasing the weighting.

Training with dumbbells

Exercises and training program will provide excellent results from each visit to the gym.

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Dumbbell bench press sitting

From a sitting position, the back is slightly arched, the legs of the legs are tightly pressed to the floor, and the arms with dumbbells are at shoulder height.

Raise your hands up. We straighten our arms to an angle of no more than one hundred and seventy degrees, in order to maintain tension in muscle groups and safety.

We return to the initial position without stopping.

Legs nandrolone decanoate injection, body keep in immobility. We perform movements smoothly.

Mahi dumbbells

Take the main rack.

How to make the shoulders wider in the hall and at home

Upper limbs with dumbbells are located slightly in front. The body is tilted slightly forward, the loin is bent naturally.

Extends the straightened arm forward to the shoulder. Delay for a second and return to the starting position. Immediately perform lifting with your other hand.

Keep your body and lower limbs steady while moving. Keep elbow joints slightly bent.

Breeding hands with dumbbells

Mach hands with dumbbells to the sides. The main sitting position.

The body is upright, feet tightly pressed to the floor. Hands with dumbbells along the body.

Raising arms through the sides slightly above the shoulders. Pause. Return to the original position.

Snatching is not allowed.

The technique of the proposed exercises should be so polished so that you can easily perform the repetition the scheduled number of times. Only with this condition can weight be added. To make the shoulders wider is not an easy task, but quite doable. The training program of the shoulder section should include basic exercises and isolating.

Tennis Ball Massage – Shoulders

To begin working out the shoulder muscle groups, two basic exercises will suffice. The number of their execution should not exceed ten times. For muscle growth is the optimal number of repetitions. Stability in training, the strict implementation of technology – the key to success in achieving the goal.

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